I was born on 28.4.1963 in Hamburg, spend part of my childhood in Ghana, Africa and finished my A-levels in Germany in 1982. I worked as a programmer at the first personal computers in several established companies (Reemtsma, MSP GmbH, MEL Dr. Neuhaus GmBH).

In 1985, I moved to Berlin, where I studied Mechanical Engineering with Business, which I continued 1989 in Hamburg. In the following years, I worked as a computer specialist, a network administrator and in publishing (Milchstraße, Macup Verlag), alongside pursuing my studies.

After having successfully completed my Mechanical Engineering with Business studies and received a diploma, I worked as an IT-supporter and project leader at the advertising company Scholz and Friends from 1997 – 1998. In the years 1998 – 2006, I was head of the IT-department first at the media company GFMO-OMD, and then at the advertising company Jung von Matt. From 2006 - 2018 I worked as a freelance IT-consultant.

Since 2018 I am employed at the ICHTHYOL-GESELLSCHAFT.

I live with my wife in Behrensdorf and Hamburg, Germany. Our two children are grown up.

Jens Jordan

+49 4381 4137842